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18 Aug 2016

Nice walk shame about the company

There's one thing I enjoy about a nice walk, and that is I get a nice fresh drink ... In the stream.

Now can it please be noted that I am polite and a complete gentleman when I take my drink from the EDGE of the stream...


the small tangerine terror simply shows me up and Stands IN THE STREAM for his drink. 

For goodness sakes, I cannot take him anywhere!


  1. It's called etiquette William, you partake of your drink the posh way. Hamish needs some lessons :-)

  2. Our Patron Saint Old Charisma used to do that too! The water's colder in the middle of the stream. Nice to see you two!

  3. Yes, it always happens with relatives, lol...God Bless them....

  4. We have the same problem at our house -- Somebody has to be the grown up, and I guess that's you! :-)

  5. Your manners stand out in comparison! ;)

  6. LOL! gives new meaning to the name 'water spaniel!'
    and you know ...
    so long as he doesn't PEE in it... it's okay.

    1. ...that was my greatest fear! ...♥william