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21 Jun 2016


Now look

I'm being Very brave.

Dad suggested Counting Sheep -

I think he wanted to take my mind off the scary woolly monsters -
that turned out should all be called Shaun,
the sheep barber had obviously visited them.

They are obviously impressed with my coat

 Okay, dad...that one is looking at me

 but I can pretend it isn't there

Phew!  Another dangerous mission dealt with.


  1. Ghostwriter says Joey dog and I look rather wooley these days. Our groomer, Miss Jacquie, has been on vacation. Maybe she was the one that sheared those sheep!

    1. Perhaps it was Miss Jacquie, those sheep looked well groomed ....❤️William 🐾🐾

  2. Shaun!!!! LOL You're on a roll lately, William! ;)

  3. Yes you have a lovely coat Wiliam I'm sure the sheep were impressed.

  4. Have you seen that advert where the farmer shears the dog as well as the sheep and the ad says he should have gone to Specsavers? Well, if you see the farmer........run :-)

  5. cute post! and i love the banner photo.