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13 Feb 2016

I had my own special corner

....where we stayed recently.... a space especially for ME....

 and I was Exhausted after our days out

like visiting a place we had been to before....

do you remember the little houses

(let me remind you)

Well, the Wicker house is now like this...

(Ummm....I felt quite sad to see my wicker house had fallen down...

perhaps the three little pigs and huffed and puffed too much)

and the other little house

was Surrounded!

I enjoyed a walk next to the river though...

where I got to sit with some Royals!

perhaps the news spread that I
was in such regal company
because the chickens certainly seemed excited!


  1. AW, that's too bad about 'your' wicker house! :(

  2. What a beautiful place, William! I'm sorry about your wicker house, but I like your own private spot in your room! :)

  3. You look nice and cosy in your new surroundings William.
    Maybe Storm Imogen blew the Wicker house down!
    Oh and don't ever mess with guard geese, there used to be some near where we lived so I know from first hand experience!
    You look very at home with the Royals :-)

  4. Too bad bout da wicker house.

  5. That was some fun holiday you had William, and I think that you should have had more than just a corner to rest in -- Maybe your own bed?? Too bad about the straw house, but you looked very regal with those Royal's -- Were you tempted to chase those geese and chickens?