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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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23 Mar 2015

When dad returned...

Dad went off on his holiday without me!.....I know you heard correctly WITHOUT ME!.... never mind mum stayed and looked after me.   He went and did some 'conservation work' abroad, his words as he reckons he was doing a vital job of holding the sand down out in the Canary Islands....

When dad returned he did bring me back a present or two or three....look at these....

and they taste so yummy!

Thanks Dad glad you remembered
to buy me presents.


  1. Bet William was one happy boy on daddy's return. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh yum William.
    Say fanks to Dad fur me for warming up the beach fur when Mum and Dad go out there later this year. They'll be thinking of yous when they are out there (and me I hopes so I get some of those yummy treats as well!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Crikey ....... I wouldn't complain if I were you. He brought back all those treats???????? Lucky you!!!!!

  4. Your Dad sounds like he really DID have a hard job -- But someone had to do it, right? :-) And your treats, I KNEW he'd remember you William!!! Did he remember your Mum too? ;-)!

  5. What a good Dad you have! :)

  6. Thanks all.....

    Molly...I was very pleased to see dad, he takes me for better walks than mum does!

    Princess Leah....dad is going to be so envious of you going out there.

    Charlie....he wouldn't dare Not bring treats, lol.

    Kim....no, mum didn't get a present, but she didn't mind ;)

    Robin....I know, he is very special.