16 Nov 2014

Play Ball

It took a little while for me to get mum to play with the tennis ball...

But she eventually realised...

That's it mum, you throw it and I'll catch it, well done.   Oh the amount of training I have to give!


  1. Pretty slow on the uptake, our Mum's, sometimes, aye??

  2. Does she get treats for doing what you tell her?

  3. Humans can be very slow with their training..... ;)

  4. Today I taught my humans a new trick. I rolled my tennis ball under the couch on purpose so my humans had to get it for me. It took four tries before they figured it out!

  5. Haha, well you're certainly a good teacher William.
    I expect you have trained them in lots of other ways too :)

  6. Thanks everyone....I will continue with the training here /(^.^)\


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