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10 Aug 2013

Oh no not again!

mum decided it was bath time (well, shower time actually) ....
First they have to catch me....

Starts with the getting wet part...

and then the bubble part...

That's it for now, I refuse to show my total humiliation in one go.  You'll have to wait til tomorrow for the rest of this excrutiating event!


  1. Oh poor William. Oh the indignity of it all. :)) Wish we had a shower like that to bathe Annie in. We have to do it outside with the hose from the laundry in the garage. Neither of us can lift her into the bathtub. Its an old high sided tub.;(

  2. Gee, William, I expected to see much more sand on the tiles! LOL

  3. Oh no ...now we have to wait...drats. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Oh William.. you handle it so WELL! Proud of you. Can't wait to see the rest. :)

  5. OMD!! You are sooooo patient! I would have made a run for it!! BOL
    I have to under go that humiliation tomorrow!!! (I'm gonna try for the escape...let you know how it goes....)
    Ruby ♥

  6. Tell William he was not alone today--Our boy Charlie also had a bath, but he did not have the luxury of a warm shower, I did it outside with the garden hose and cold water! :-)

  7. Oh my goodness, can't believe how good you are in the shower...
    and you've got your very own wet room!
    Annie did say she's not jealous though :-)

  8. But William you will be sweet smelling and handsome.

  9. Oh William, I totally understand your concern, yet you aren't trying to hop out of there....I know I would be!!

    Sophie Doodle here!

  10. Thanks Everyone, now you see what I have to put up with, lol.