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9 Aug 2012

My friend Buddy

Here's my little friend Buddy...a Jack Russell/Dachshund cross.....he is about 9 months old and doesn't seem to mind that I am much older and bigger than him...he still wants to play.

Buddy lives at Arlington Court, where mum volunteers with the stables/carriage driving, so if I go over for a lovely walk round with dad, whilst mum is working, I then end up meeting Buddy, who is always pleased to see me.

and mum enjoys sketching us....

Hopefully mum will do some more sketches and videos 
of us having fun soon.


  1. Hi William,
    Mum's sketches are very good... and Buddy looks like he's great fun :-)

    Eileen and Annie x

  2. Really nice sketches William. Have a great day.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. You can hold your own with the puppy! Good for you William!

  4. Very cute little sketches :) Buddy looks like he's lots of fun!


  5. Oh, that looked like FUN!! I really liked your Moms sketches! Very nice. Can't wait to see more!



  6. I love your mums sketches william! does she take orders for other little pups? xxx

    1. ....mum's never been asked, so will enjoy sketching me in the meantime. (although she doesn't always get me exactly right...afterall I am very handsome and perfect...heehee).