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29 Jul 2012

Enjoying the beach

I really enjoy being down on the beach for a proper run around.   On this occasion with my little friend Hamish, who was staying again for a few days - although we waited til the end of the day when it had cooled down a bit.

 Only a few isolated walkers about

most of the people had gone home

and with the tide well out there was plenty of beach to play on, but I always like to get into the sea if I can

that was a really good way
to round off
the day


  1. Great beach William. Have a lovely Sunday and why not pop over and meet a new friend today.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I agrde, it is a good way to round off your day, and a good way to start mine!

    I hope you enjoy your Sunday!!

  3. You and Hamish play so well together! It's nice to have a bff!

    1. ...yes, we really do get on well together.

  4. What a beautiful beach! So much room! We went to the beach yesterday as well. I will post pictures later. I would have liked to have gotten video, but the new kid wasn't too keen on the moving water, lol. :-)

    1. Sassy will get used to the water, bless her...everything will be easier with Rama to teach her (: