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27 May 2011


I went to puppy training lessons once a week and very quickly learnt to


and Down

and How to climb up legs!

When I was told to behave I would try my defiant look 

but then would get sent to the naughty corner!

but I would always be forgiven


  1. William, I love your header picture! You were much darker when you were younger.
    I'll follow your blog as soon as Blogger has solved the problems. Hug, Judy.

  2. Yes, here you are. An own blog with beautiful pictures. Hello William!

  3. Hello Judy and Renske - thank you for your comments on my new blog - I have asked mum to let me know when I get comments and I look forward to sharing some of my adventures with my followers....love William.

  4. William, you are such a handsome devil dog. I always fall for the good looking ones....

  5. Thanks Judith.....I know I am special...love william;)