25 Jan 2017

My cardboard box

My new supply of dog biscuits arrived

in a great big

cardboard box

Dad was going to put the box out,
so he left it in the hall temporarily.

Since it had brought MY biscuits here,
I decided the box was MINE
and made sure of it


laying in it

17 Jan 2017

Mum thought she did so well the other day....

....she tried capturing me with my mouth open


but I had to show her


how I can


Like this

11 Jan 2017

I tried to stop him....

....but dad was determined to walk along this rope thing.  

8 Jan 2017

Guess who rode on a train and came to visit me....

and we had a misty walk on the beach

5 Jan 2017

I had such a good time over Christmas

especially as the family were here....and, of course, my best little pal Hamish....

Yes, I got this new red toy...I LOVE IT.

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