20 Dec 2015

Late afternoon walk

Everyone seemed to have gone home except for me and dad....I'm not complaining, I really enjoyed

the beach to ourselves....

18 Dec 2015

A gift from mum for you this Festive / Holiday time

Mum has made a


for all those out there

who would like to waste a bit of time.

Best of all

mum has featured me and Hamish.


17 Dec 2015

Looking over the bridge

"hey mum...can you see me"!

16 Dec 2015

15 Dec 2015


Look - mum has made a Calendar for 2016 - You can download these in pdf. for Free by clicking on the Links.  A different picture of ME for each month...YAY! 

See them in my Header Tab : Calendar for 2016 : Free PDF Downloads  (or click here)

Hope you will enjoy these during 2016
♥ William



14 Dec 2015

You know I love to investigate

....so the latest unusual object on the beach needed my attention

7 Dec 2015

When mum mentioned playing with the tennis ball

I was all ears and attention


 Got it!

2 Dec 2015

Playing up

Mum said "look at the camera".  Mum should know I wouldn't

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