24 Nov 2015

This old chap looked lonely

But he didn't say Hello to me!!

23 Nov 2015

Little Kennels or were they little houses

I found some great kennels last week, or were they?  Mum and dad didn't really explain, but I thought they were well cool...

They thought it was funny to give this one the title
'Dog in a Basket'

and to round it off
there was a third version...

~ I liked them all, but I think this last one with the
picket fence was best ~

21 Nov 2015

In the drink!

Ahh, down to the river for a nice fresh drink

carefully does it!

That was good

That water is running very fast!

Thanks Dad...time for walkies now!

19 Nov 2015

I enjoy walks by the river as well as by the sea

....even if it is wild weather.

18 Nov 2015

Mum seemed to think I was glued to Aunties sofa...

...now why would she think that!

17 Nov 2015

Stand by the large tree stump they said

I didn't realise Dad was going to play air guitar though!

13 Nov 2015

I heard a certain word mentioned again today....


Ummm,  that's what they think!

8 Nov 2015

Look at what my little friend Hamish has been up to...

He sat on a 


'You're very brave Crocodile Hamish'

4 Nov 2015

Cliff Walk

Wow...what a view dad

all those rocks and cliffs
but what's this way...

Oh...nothing, it just Ends!

Okay, perhaps we should make our way home..

 ~ Night All ~

2 Nov 2015

I met a Squid!

Yes, I really did...

there he was on the beach but still alive...

so Dad helped me get him back into the sea...


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