27 Feb 2014

My own special breakfast...

on our recent trip away, one of the hotels kindly gave me my own breakfast....prepared sausages

all for me

I also had my own private

servant to feed me, aka dad

23 Feb 2014

Oh I do love my dad

Especially when he gets down to my level for cuddles

22 Feb 2014

Luxury cover....

....just for me whilst I travel in the car...

13 Feb 2014

Anyone for Lobster?

Look who I





(I was very brave)

10 Feb 2014

Hope you have that camera in focus mum...

have you captured my good side?

oh, of course,

every side is my good side

6 Feb 2014

A talking to!

For some reason Dad didn't like me sitting in this chair.......he did go on a bit!!

3 Feb 2014

Look who is 5 years old today!

HAMISH......sorry couldn't be with you today little friend, hope you had a wonderful day.  We will catch up very soon and have a good run on the beach.

2 Feb 2014

I would like to introduce you to.....


I met her on the beach and we got on well.  She is 5 years old and very sweet, I think she fell for me!

She was a little bit distracted though as the man in the background was eating a sandwich and she kept trying to join him for lunch

Hopefully I might meet her again one day

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