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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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30 Apr 2013


Dad, you are meant to pull my leg

not my


No, not really.....

but why is he trying to put a hat on my head!!!

26 Apr 2013

All steam ahead...

Here I am ...  on the station platform in Bodmin waiting for a steam train...as you see I am fairly relaxed about the whole thing...

and here I am ON the train in our own private compartment no less...

well it was on the way Back actually...on the way we were in another part of the train....


where I was able to relax of course, this train travel business is exhausting!

 Tell you what, here are some videos mum took.  So sit back and enjoy, especially if you are a bit of an anorak.....which incidentally we aren't, but there was a really cheap offer on for this ride, so we thought we would give it a go....

haha...mum nearly dropped the camera when she took this one...

17 Apr 2013

Since we have been on the subject...

and final post on this subject...for now,

here's a female adder (they are brown) crossing the path on one of our walks...photo taken last August

and here's a male (they are black and silver)

adders move pretty fast...



16 Apr 2013

And then there were two...

dad saw two adders today and managed to get a picture before they slithered off...

Don't worry
I stayed well away!

14 Apr 2013

Answer to where that adder is...

and a closer look..

Sneaky little critters aren't they!

When I was a little chap of 6 months old one of these bit me!   Mind you it wasn't large like the one in the photo, it was only a baby itself.   I was on a lead at the time and the baby adder was on a piece of grass (not even disguised)...of course me being me, I thought it was a stick and picked it up....Oouch Painful Stick.    Within 10 minutes mum and dad realised it had got me, my mouth started to swell up and they could see the two puncture wounds...Straight onto the Vet and I was in with them on anti-venom within an hour of this happening.    Some dogs aren't as lucky as me, and don't make it.  For that reason there are a lot of signs up in this particular area to give owners plenty of warning to Look Out for Adders.

We have come across people who have only ever seen a couple in years of living here, but perhaps they don't know where to look.   Dad spotted this one, but then he is very good at finding a snake in the grass!

I've got mum to look out a couple of articles about them -

One here    and  the other  Here


13 Apr 2013

Spot the Adder

It is there...believe me

12 Apr 2013

Just in case any of you were worried about me and rabbits...

when I was a fine young man, as pictured below

I caught a rabbit and got into the most terrible trouble with dad!   So nowadays when I see a rabbit, although I chase it, I make sure I slow down before I get to it.  That way, I get my exercise, the rabbit gets exercise and everybody is happy.

9 Apr 2013


Good news -

I have just been to visit the V -E -T again!... and it is good news.  Apparently my eye is recovering.
She did put some coloured dye in (which ended up on dad too...heehee) and shone a blue light at me...(I wasn't keen, but I behaved myself).

(see the difference in less than a week)

this was me last Thursday!

The not so good news -

Is that I have to continue having the eye drops for another week!  and then go back again and visit the V-E-T again!......I don't mind though because I like this V-E-T lady, she gives me prezzies.

Thank you Everyone who left comments wishing me well.  The good vibes have worked.

Okay mum, that's enough photographs for now
I need more relaxing in the sunbeam!


4 Apr 2013

Poor William....

... We noticed he wasn't himself this morning.  He was very subdued, not like himself at all and realised he had a poorly eye.

We got him over to the vets who said it is more serious than conjunctivitis, so he is on medication. Two lots of drops and tabs.

Poor boy, he is getting lots of 
Tender Loving Care


2 Apr 2013

My friend Ed

I was delighted to meet my friend Ed the other day.  He popped into the Gallery with his mum and dad....

we are always so pleased to see each other...