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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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29 Jun 2012

Taking it easy...

Still taking things slow and easy here

resting my leg

just got back from an exhausting few days of travel - meeting some new friends and visiting some familiar places.

28 Jun 2012

Training Hamish


Here's a couple of little videos (sorry they are very short) but thought you would like to see my little pal Hamish doing some training with his mum.....

- He's such a clever little chap -

26 Jun 2012

Shower time

Oh NO!...not a Shower!!!!     Mum and dad decided it would make me feel better - are they kidding or what!

Dad is in charge of this awful event and stands in the shower with me....(don't worry, he wears his swimmers...just in case you were wondering)....  and he checks the temperature first (that's thoughtful of him!)

I keep hoping this is a joke...

but realise it is serious stuff ....

I get soaped up - What's that about! ...

Is that a thought bubble?...

and a rinse off....

even my face got a wash...

but eventually it is towel time...   

personally I prefer rug drying...

and sofa surfing...

until I jump from one sofa to the other.....this worried them because of my poorly leg...

they thought I was getting a little too lively and had to calm me down

okay, I'm calm now and nice
and clean



25 Jun 2012

Tablet time

I surprised mum and dad today - I took my tablet WITHOUT it being put in a piece of cheese...

although this could be a 'one off' and I will drive them nuts trying to disguise it in the future - oh such fun...

the tablets are pretty big though, but the doggie doctor said they are meant to be tasty and are eaten as a


so dad asked me to sit

to attention!  ... oh please come on....

this surprised him...I took it willingly...

and ate it....

mum and dad can't wait to see if I eat it 
as easily tomorrow -
neither can I 


21 Jun 2012

Dog doctor

I have been off to visit my Doggie Doctor today - Anne Willis at Argyl Vets - a very kind lady who gave me a doggie treat as soon as I walked in the door, not a bad start to a visit I'd say.

After a short examination, Anne couldn't find anything obviously wrong with my leg, but having listened to what mum and dad told her, she decided it would be best to put me on a course of anti-inflammatory tablets.  I have to go back after a week to see her again, if things haven't improved.  So all mum and dad have to do now is stop me from running about and give me a tablet once a day, in a treat of course, or I will refuse to eat it.....that should be fun for them.....

....as it is, when we got home, their first attempt with the tablet failed miserably and I did not approve of their pathetic attempt to disguise it in some cheese!....mum said I looked very disapproving, so she did a quick contour sketch of me...

hopefully the 'tablet giving game' won't be
too traumatic for mum and dad.....heehee

20 Jun 2012

Light Duties

Oh dear, I'm on Light Duties according to mum and dad.  No running on the beach, No playing with my friends - just walking along well behaved for a few days.  My back left leg seems to be troubling me, must have pulled something according to these humans!

I am spending a lot of time just resting, sometimes under mum's workspace

and dreaming of when I can get down on the beach again

17 Jun 2012

Lunch break

We stopped off for a walk by the river at Fingle Glen the other day

and who should surprise me but Lil and Hamish - all arranged without my knowledge!! - and we stopped for lunch with them here

that was such a lovely surprise

hopefully we will do that again soon....but I do think the humans should tell me first!

16 Jun 2012

the little lost duck...

On our trip away we came across this little chap... lost and all alone....

first spied at a distance

the poor little chap was soaking wet

...but hopefully his owner will return for him....

at least he was getting a great view from up there!


15 Jun 2012

New adventures

I've just been away for a few days...hooray, I love doing that.  Except mum and dad don't always tell me where we are going and I have to guess

Turns out we stayed at a lovely place called the East Dart Hotel on Dartmoor

and I had my own room within a room

this was perfect for me, as I had my own space with my blanket

On our trips out I had to stay on the lead, because of the sheep,

but I didn't mind as I got to be top dog
.....well, I got to sit up higher than dad and pose for a photo opportunity anyway

Have a great weekend

10 Jun 2012

Shut Out....

Dad was in the bedroom and he shut me and my little pal out....so we waited for him very close to the door..

(mum still can't focus the camera ...  heehee)

8 Jun 2012

Another Busy Day


6 Jun 2012


After the fun and games of getting home, we get a delicious breakfast....

our biscuits get extras added (well sometimes that is).  On this occasion Dad is adding something fishy

we both enjoy our Breakfast


5 Jun 2012

when we get home...

This happens each time we get back home after our walks

personally I enjoy the rug surfing!

2 Jun 2012

my little orange friend is back

Hamish is here to stay for a week, which is always great fun. We start the day with a walk and some surfing and it turns out that Hamish makes an excellent ball boy - he retrieves the ball every time.

-   I'm so glad he's here   -