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28 Feb 2012

Morning exercise

On Sunday, I got Dad out early and we took a lovely walk across the dunes to the beach

down one path

and up another

even if I did have to come back to find Dad who was being slow...

ahh...finally I can see the beach

and on down 

and into the sea
ready for my game of catch

and every so often a jolly good shake...

No, Dad's feet didn't get wet, he was wearing wellies just in case this should happen

but that would not have been a problem

if he had forgotten them

we found some he could have used!

well, I thought they were interesting

and worth a sniff !

I enjoyed my morning walk and game of catch

perhaps I can persuade Dad to do this again.....



22 Feb 2012


For some reason mum seemed to be a bit upset about this....can't think why

[photo courtesy of Lil]